Organic Zucchini

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by Fresh Produce

Sold individually.

Origin: Ontario Local


Its flesh is creamy white in color with a spongy yet firm texture and faint traces of edible seeds. It offers a sweet summer squash flavor with nuances of black peppercorn and nutty undertones.

Zucchini squash are a low caloric food and are nearly 94% water. Additionally they offer some vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and iron.

  • once you have peeled its rough skin, before cooking, prepare in a milk bath with lemon or other citric acid to preserve its bright white color
  • celeriac can be a perfect non-starch substitute for potatoes in a meal, and can be prepared in a similar way
  • most classic use is in the cold French salad "celerie remoulade," in which the root is peeled, grated, cooked in lemon juice and milk, or alternatively blanched briefly in acidic water, and then customarily served with a dijon-style mayonnaise