Yellow Bell Pepper

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by Fresh Produce

Sold individually.

Origin: Ontario Local


Their flesh is crisp with a mild, sweet and non-pungent flavor.

Yellow bell peppers will keep refrigerated, for 1-2 weeks.

  • can be prepared raw, cooked, roasted or pickled
  • slice peppers and layer with squash and tomato, then bake into a gratin
  • roast, peel and de-seed, then add to grilled sandwiches or green salads
  • finely dice and combine with diced onions and black beans for a side salad
  • puree roasted yellow peppers with garbanzo beans and tahini for a flavored hummus
  • add diced peppers to frittata
  • saute peppers with onions and pork, cover with vegetable stock and cook down into stew
  • during the cooking process, the skin of a bell pepper will separate from the flesh