White Potatoes

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by Fresh Produce

Sold in 5 lb bags.

Origin: Canada


Their smooth, creamy off white skin is thin to the point where it almost seems translucent and speckled with faint, medium deep eyes. Its white flesh has low to medium starch content and a waxy texture which becomes silky smooth when cooked.

When exposed to excessive light the White Rose potato runs the risk of developing green spots. These spots should be cut off prior to eating as they contain solanine which can cause cramping and fatigue.

  • ideal for use as a boiling, baking or mashing potato
  • will stay firm and hold its shape when cooked making it an ideal choice when making scalloped potatoes, casseroles and potato salads
  • boil and mash to be served as is or use to stuff tacos, thicken soups or make twice baked potatoes