Vidalia Onions

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Origin: Peru


Also known as sweet onion, Vidalia onions are rounded with flat bottoms, and have a pale copper-gold, thin parchment-like skin with a milky, semi-translucent white flesh. They are predominantly considered the sweetest onion variety.

An excellent source of dietary fiber and potassium. It also contains significant amounts of vitamins C and B6.

  • Vidalia onions can be used in all onion preparations because of their high sugar content
  • complimentary ingredients include butter, cardamon, celery, chicories, cloves, curry, foods cooked over a wood-fire, foods rich in umami such as mushrooms, yeasty breads, seaweed, ripe cheeses and braised meats, roasted nuts, asparagus, pineapple, shelling beans, smoked fish, pickled vegetables, citrus and chiles