Lucid Dream Tea

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by The Algonquin Tea Company

Harvested by hand from indigenous plants in the Algonquin Bio-region. This tea will help to soothe stomach aches, fever, and bronchial ailments.

All of their herbs are wildcrafted (handpicked in the wild) in a sustainable manner (picking amounts that a deer would graze). Those herbs which are more rare are grown organically using non-mechanical, ecologically integrated and permacultural methods. No fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides are used in or anywhere near where the herbs are grown or picked for the Algonquin Tea Co.


Myrica Gale

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The Algonquin Tea Company is a collective of dedicated Earth lovers who had a vision of sharing the healing medicine of plants from the Algonquin area. The first bioregional company in North America when they started in 1996, they were a decade ahead of the “Local Food” movement. They are a non native company, named after the spirit of the Algonquin land where these beautiful plant beings grow and offer their medicines.

They have growing and harvesting areas in Whitney, located at the east gate of Algonquin Park on the Madawaska River, where they practice Permaculture Forest gardening, and in Golden Lake on a 200-acre homestead where they are growing certified organic herbs, as well as many other locations.