Solid Light Tuna

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by Unico

Unico is committed to the procurement and sale of sustainable seafood. They believe that wild Tuna is a resource that must be harvested and managed in such a way as to ensure that our descendants can continue to benefit from this most important food resource and that impacts on the fishery now do not damage the health of the stocks in the future.

It is their policy to only source products from fisheries that follow the guidance of the WWF supported and science based organization specifically focused on ensuring the continued health and survival of the worlds tuna stocks, the ISSF (International Sustainable Seafood Foundation).

To this end, Unico is committed to sourcing 100% of their canned tuna from suppliers that are founders, partners or supporters of the ISSF program and who have made a pledge to work within ISSF recommendations and guidelines.

All tuna products sold under the Unico brand shall be traceable from catch to can.