Premium Diced Italian Tomatoes

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by Unico


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Unico was established in 1917 to cater to the growing Mediterranean community in Toronto.  Founder Edward Pasquale’s objective was clear; he wanted to bring the "culture of Italian eating" to every Canadian table by becoming the country's leading distributor of authentic Mediterranean style ingredients and products. 

After two generations of Pasquale family ownership, Unico passed through three successive corporate ownerships.  In 1997, Unico again became a family managed business when Sun-Brite Foods Inc. purchased the company.

Unico is a national company, spanning from coast to coast, and though they specialize in Mediterranean-style food products, they are most definitely Canadian.  However, their corporate borders reach beyond Canada.  By importing resources from other countries they are able to develop a strong international network. Dealing with other countries helps Unico to better predict and prepare for new trends in the industry.