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Peanut Choco Granola Bars - Bikeables

Peanut Choco Granola Bars

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Nature's Path

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Creamy peanut butter and chocolate chips combine in a familiar way but then you realize… “Hey, this isn’t a candy bar!” Hearty whole grain goodness and maximum “yum-factor”.


Rolled oats*, granulated sugar cane juice*, sunflower oil*, fair trade chocolate chips* (granulated sugar cane juice*, unsweetened chocolate*, cocoa butter*, soy lecithin*), peanut butter*, invert cane syrup*, rolled quinoa*, rolled amaranth*, oat fibre*, natural flavour, oat syrup solids* (oat syrup solids*, tocopherols), sea salt. *Organic.

Contains soy and peanuts. May contain milk, tree nuts or wheat.  


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