Organic Leeks

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by Fresh Produce

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Origin: Ontario Local


Offering an earthy, mild onion flavor, the texture of a leek is crunchy when raw and silky when cooked. Leeks are considered to be the sweetest and most mild members of the onion family.

Leeks are a good source of iron, vitamin C and folate. Four ounces of raw leek contains about 75 calories.

To store, refrigerate in a plastic bag up to three days.

  • though often interchangeable with onions and garlic, they can require specific preparation and are often highlighted in recipes for their particular flavor
  • slowly cook sliced leeks in olive oil and butter until soft, then toss with beans and pasta
  • cook with potatoes and vegetable broth, the puree for a classic potato-leek soup
  • slow-cook with butter and cream and serve with seafood such as seared scallops
  • grill whole or halved leeks and serve as a started or topping for bruschette
  • braise in wine and vegetable stalk until very tender, then top with a mustard-based vinaigrette
  • add sauteed leeks to quiche, savory tarts or pies