Organic Fire Blend Greens

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by Kind Organics
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Fire Blend is a spicelicious blend of season spicy greens and radish sprouts. Add it to salads or sandwiches to add a little zing or pair it with vinaigrette and enjoy the burn. Our Salad mix brings in more concentrated forms of healthful greens and other sprouted vegetables in order to excite your palate and energize your body. Baby greens are fibre and mineral rich and excellent sources of chlorophyll, enzymes and vitamins.

This blend may contain: Arugula, Southern Giant Curled, Garnet Giant Mustard, Suehlihung, Deep Purple Mustard, Golden Frill, Beet Greens, and Red Salad Bowl Lettuce.

Non-GMO and Certified organic.

Sold individually, 100g.


A spicelicious blend of (organic) spicy greens, may contain: arugula, southern giant curled, garnet giant mustard, suehlihung, deep purple mustard, golden frill, beet greens, mizuna, waido.


Brantford, Ontario