Organic Garlic

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Origin: Ontario Local


All varieties of garlic possess antibiotic properties to some forms of bacteria, viruses and intestinal parasites. Plants in the garlic family lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and may also be used as a diuretic, an anti-inflammatory agent, an expectorant or a decongestant. Both garlic and onions contain allylic sulfides, which are being studied for their ability to help prevent certain types of cancer and coronary disease.

To store keep garlic in a cool dry place. Depending upon where it has come from and how long it has previously been stored conventional garlic will keep one to four months.

  • a staple pantry item in kitchens throughout the world
  • can be eaten in a variety of ways including raw or cooked
  • raw garlic tends to be stronger than cooked; and crushing, chopping, pressing or pureeing garlic releases even more of its oils providing a sharper, more assertive flavor than slicing or leaving it whole
  • garlic can be a supporting ingredient in numerous dishes, but does especially well as the central flavor in compound butters, dressings, sauces and salts
  • roasting garlic will enhance its flavor and add a subtle sweetness
  • pair garlic with rich ingredients and those that can readily absorb its flavor
  • acidic fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, tomatillos and citrus are also enhanced by garlic's presence