Fresco Mushroom & Basil White Wine Sauce

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by La Dee Da

This sauce is an "open and pour sauce".  It can be used over pasta, chicken, pork, fish, vegan/vegetarian dishes, over rice or quinoa. There is no dairy in this sauce so it can be used in a crock pot to make any meal that much easier!



Cremini, Shitake and Oyster mushrooms, water, white wine, shallots, extra virgin olive oil, garbonzo flour, green onions, fresh basil, fresh garlic, himalayan pink salt, black pepper, chili peppers, dried basil.

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From their website:

"​​As a new company, we are thrilled to be listed in over 70 stores.  We believe that our success has come not only from having amazing products, but because we support as many local farms and businesses as possible.  Whether it's fresh picked basil from Teresa's farm in Milton, Ontario or hand picked local organic mushrooms from Piccioni Brothers Mushrooms in Dundas, Ontario our produce is fresh, local and never frozen.  We searched the area for the freshest and purest apple cider and it was an obvious choice to use Bennett's Apples and Ciders in Ancaster, Ontario as it is freshly pressed from their own orchard.  Finding the best wine suited for our sauces was important to us, the relationship between La Dee Da and Greenlane Estate Winery in Beamsville, Ontario has been incredible since day one. 

We believe that by supporting local businesses we are not only giving back to our communities but we are contributing to the sustainability of small local business.

The best part about using our fabulous sauces is it will make you look like a professional chef in the kitchen.  So when your guests ask how you made that 'delish dish' you can simply say 'It was LA DEE DA!'."