Crispy Dill Nuts

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by Picard's

Picard's takes Jumbo Cocktail Peanuts, coats them in a crispy potato coating and seasons them as they do best. This unique snack is only available at Picard’s. It’s very popular and well received at every gathering!

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For more than three decades, families and friends have come from miles around for the fresh roasted peanuts and specialty confectionery products at the Original Picard’s retail outlets.

Peanut seeds are planted in May and by June small yellow flowers can be seen signalling a bountiful crop. The plants may be irrigated to reduce stress and encourage secondary flowering and peg setting. Yes, peanuts start to grow from the pollinated flowers above the ground attached to pegs that penetrate the soil and form the peanut underground. In late September, mature plants are dug up and left in the sun to partially dry. Combines pick up the sun-dried peanuts and remove them from their vines. Peanuts are washed, sorted and placed in wagons to be dried for storage. When completely dry the peanuts are graded and placed in cold storage until they are ready to be processed. Our peanuts are roasted weekly in order to deliver the freshest taste in every bite.