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Artisan Whole Grain Rye - Bikeables

Artisan Whole Grain Rye

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Kasseler Whole Rye is a sourdough bread made using 100% whole grain whole rye, for a hearty, delicious taste and real whole grain texture. In German, this bread is called “Vollkornbrot”. The Whole Rye is carefully prepared using the original methods to sprout the grains before mixing, and baking the breads at low temperature in baking forms, producing bread without a crust. This method of preparation helps maintain the wholesome nutrients of the whole grain rye. The uniquely sour taste of this rye is the perfect accompaniment for Brie and Camembert or for Black Forest Schinken (Ham).

Rye Meal, Filtered Water, Rye Flour, Corn Starch, Sea Salt, Caraway Powder, Yeast, Sourdough Culture.

May Contain Traces Of Tree Nuts, Wheat, Sesame Seeds Or Soybean.

The original Kasseler bakery was founded in the German city of Kassel on October 17, 1903, using centuries old recipes and techniques from the Baltic region of Eastern Europe, which focused on the careful handling of whole grains to preserve their nutritional value. The breads were an instant hit overseas with health-minded consumers who also appreciated the breads’ delicious taste and their preservative-free long shelf life.

This baking expertise was brought to North America in 1978, where they set up their Toronto bakery dedicated to producing great tasting, high fibre breads, using superior quality local whole grain rye and whole grain wheat. Most of the healthy ingredients for their breads are sourced right in the "Golden Horseshoe" region of southern Ontario. 

Kasseler breads are hand-baked in the time-honoured way in small batches on stone platters in our special ovens. Their recipes use such simple, wholesome ingredients as whole grain rye, stone-ground whole grain wheat, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, soya bran, oats, barley, rice and unbleached whole grain wheat flour. From start to finish, this process takes up to 48 hours for each bread.

What makes their breads so special is the combination of the careful steps they take to handle the whole grains, and the heat-steam process they use to keep the breads fresh for weeks – without using any chemicals or preservatives. It is the bread with the original delicious taste of whole grain.

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