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Brazilian Peaberry Coffee - Bikeables

Brazilian Peaberry Coffee

by Vintage Coffee Roasters

Every coffee producing country grows peaberry coffee. “Peaberry” cherries are the cherries that grow at the tips of the coffee tree branches. These special cherries are smaller, and produce only one coffee bean. Because a peaberry has only one bean where there is normally two, that one tiny bean absorbs all the flavor!

Vendor Info

Vintage Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee roastery and coffee shop in Hamilton. They roast delicious coffees transparently while making good coffee accessible for everybody. They seek to create community in their shop and in the city, and to contribute positively to this amazing city's culture.

Enorga Papua New Guinea Coffee - Bikeables

Enorga Papua New Guinea Coffee

by Vintage Coffee Roasters

This sun dried coffee has chocolate and nougat undertones and comes from the Okapa Valley in Papua Ne Guinea.  

Size: 12 oz.