Posted on by Chloe Fox

You probably wouldn’t believe it, if you heard that there was a pop that was actually good for you, but it’s true.

That’s right. Darren Portelli has found a way to make “healthy pop.”

 After his own struggle with mental health issues, Portelli decided to look at his nutritional habits as a way to promote well-being. He quickly began to understand the damage of the refined sugars on the body and got to experimenting with different ways to create a healthful soda that could still satisfy a craving for tasteful carbonation.



Portelli uses a prebiotic root called yacon, as the base of his sodas. Prebiotics are foods that feed your healthy gut bacteria. Now more than ever, the scientific community has come to understand the connection between gut bacteria and your mood.

Here’s what happens when you drink regular soda (refined sugar):

Sugar feeds bad bacteria (e.coli, candidiasis, etc) which promotes an inflammatory response of the immune cells. The immune cells release pro-inflammatory cytokines in order to get rid of the now flourishing bad bacteria. This attack from the immune cells on the bad bacteria leads to the release of endo-toxins (components of the bad bacterial cell membrane) which causes inflammation in the body. This increase in inflammation is known to disrupt the release of feel-good neurotransmitters (dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine). The result is feelings of depression, anxiety and social withdrawal.

Unlike regular soda, Portelli’s Crazy D’s pop, actually promotes the health of your good bacteria. The growth of your healthy bacteria will work to decrease inflammation and allow your body to naturally regulate your feel-good hormones. Consuming prebiotics also has other health benefits including; increasing absorption of vitamins and minerals, boost the immune system, better bone health, more energy, regulate cholesterol levels and overall better cognitive functioning.

The goal of Crazy D’s is to not only provide a healthy, delicious and fun soda beverage, but also to educate the public on the dangers of regular soda on both physical and mental health. The company works to give root to a healthy balance in the lives of their consumers, but also gives back to the community by working with numerous charities such as kid camps; Lonny’s Smile and Camp Winston.

Crazy D’s pop comes in a variety of flavours using natural ingredients that further reduce the amount of inflammation in the body. Try flavours like “Ginga’ Kick” which contains the anti-inflammatory power of ginger, cinnamon and turmeric, or “Rockin’ Rolla Cherry Cola” which contains tart cherries, coriander and cinnamon.